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Empowering Veterans Through Mentorship

May 31st, 2024


Learn more about our culture and our commitment to our veterans.

As we celebrate Military Appreciation Month, we are reminded of the incredible talent and dedication that veterans bring to our organization. At GDIT, we take immense pride in supporting veterans as they transition to civilian careers. Our Military Talent Acclimate Program is dedicated to ensuring veterans find meaningful and rewarding work after their military service, matching new veteran hires with sponsors who provide support throughout their first 30 days on the job, while the Military Talent Accelerate Program is designed to fast-track career growth for employees at any stage. This support ensures a smooth transition from military service to civilian life, helping veterans acclimate to GDIT’s culture and connect with fellow veteran employees.

This year, we’re spotlighting two exceptional employees whose journeys through the program exemplify the impact of this initiative.

Alina Lara-Gamez: From Help Desk to GDIT Senior Systems Admin

Alina Lara-Gamez served in the Army for ten years as a Senior IT Specialist before transitioning to civilian life with a role at GDIT as a Help Desk Specialist. Like many veterans, she was seeking a path to leverage her military experience in her new role. The Military Talent Accelerate program provided Alina with valuable insights and knowledge through our panel of GDIT veteran sponsors. The guidance Alina received was transformative. She immersed herself in the resources and advice offered by the sponsors, focusing on aligning her skills with her career ambitions. “During the program, I was able to connect with so many active-duty members and veterans who were also looking to advance in their career. Once I perfected my resume, I was able to transition from Helpdesk to Senior System Administrator! If I had questions, I could always count on the Military Talent Accelerate Program to point me in the right direction.”

John Easterbrook: From SkillBridge Fellow to Team Contributor

John Easterbrook served in the Army for six years as a Strategic Operations and Plans Officer before starting his journey with GDIT as a SkillBridge Fellow. Through the Acclimate program, John was paired with a sponsor who helped him navigate his new role and adjust to corporate life.

“In the Army, I never felt like I had a supervisor that was genuinely looking after my professional goals. I struggled with self-doubt and was always worried that I'd never get the next position I wanted. Once I was connected with GDIT, I felt those fears and that paranoia slip away. The GDIT team had my back.

I Skillbridged from Japan and GDIT put in a lot of work to make sure I found a position in the National Capital Region like I wanted. To this day, I have never felt like a "number" at GDIT. Just last week, I talked to my manager about wanting to learn how to write proposals. Within 24 hours, he added me to a proposal team on a subject that I am personally & professionally interested in working on.

I hit the ground running in my new role and have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world in the 7 months I've been with the company. I've been to Africa, Central America and Europe representing GDIT and am stoked to see what the next year holds for me.”

The career development conversations and resources provided as well as John’s proactive approach paid off—John now plays a crucial role in shaping our future projects and is fulfilling his career aspirations.

Acclimate and Accelerate

The success stories of Alina and John highlight the impact of the Acclimate and Accelerate programs in empowering veterans to achieve their career goals. The combination of mentorship, career development resources, and a supportive community creates a powerful foundation for veterans transitioning to civilian roles. At GDIT, we are committed to providing our veteran employees with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. These programs are just one example of how we honor their service and support their professional growth.