Four Key Insights on milCloud® 2.0 Adoption


“With milCloud® 2.0, you can have your account up and running within 30 minutes of funding approval. Plus, there are dozens and dozens of security controls that a mission partner will inherit.”

Jeffrey Phelan

On March 25, GDIT and our partners Oracle and Intel hosted a free, online webinar to unveil new research about milCloud® 2.0 and its adoption among DoD mission partners. Titled, milCloud® 2.0 Quick Start: Overcoming Obstacles, Maximizing Opportunities, the session covered the research findings as well as an overview of milCloud® 2.0’s core technology capabilities, its use cases and benefits, and tips on how to navigate the funding process.

Here are four key learnings, gleaned from the 175 DoD mission partners surveyed:

  • 86% believe milCloud® 2.0 will have a positive impact on DoD missions (with improved infrastructure management and cost reduction cited as top benefits).
  • 38% are in the early stages of adoption, either planning for it or currently in the midst of a migration.
  • 38% already have funding for milCloud® 2.0 adoption but nearly as many, 34% are unsure about the status of funding.
  • 25% say adoption within their organizations has been too slow and, again, roughly as many, 29%, are unsure about the pace of adoption.

As was discussed during the webinar, research revealed that there is uncertainty around milCloud® 2.0 adoption – even as its benefits are beginning to become even more understood. Respondents cited greater education and training and improved access to technical resources as the key drivers necessary to push adoption forward.

This is where GDIT wants to help. To-date, alongside our partners, we’ve conducted multiple “bootcamps” to help partners understand milCloud® 2.0’s benefits and to navigate the funding process. The potential for milCloud® 2.0 to dramatically impact missions is real. It offers greater agility, predictive performance, efficiency and security, and can be transformative for users.

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Watch the webinar in its entirety.