GDIT Tech Talks: It's the season of giving back.

"It builds that community and connection, and our employees...they're so driven by the mission of GDIT and the mission of our customers, but also giving them that additional thing to connect to that's important to them makes a huge difference. When we look at us as a company that people want to come work at and want to stay at, giving them those opportunities to engage outside of their day to day job really helps." - Lisa Iannarino, Manager, Giving & Inclusion

Tune in to this GDIT Tech Talk to hear how GDIT employees are empowered to give back to the communities where we live, work and play through our corporate giving and volunteer programs and the connections they discover while participating.

GDIT Tech Talks deliver insights into how our 30,000 innovators bring the necessary expertise needed to understand and advance critical missions. We'll dive into technology topics including Cloud, Cyber, Artificial Intelligence and more with a focus on how these technologies can be taken to new heights within the federal space. Check back regularly for new GDIT Tech Talks.

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