Government Matters Spotlights DISA

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Did you catch it?

GDIT leaders joined DISA Chief Information Officer Roger Greenwell and DISA Cyber Development Directorate Head, Dr. Serena Chan, during a recent Government Matters “Agency in Motion” segment.

Together, they highlighted the myriad ways DISA constantly evolves and enhances its cybersecurity strategy, while GDIT’s Vice President and General Manager for DISA and Enterprise Services, Jim Matney, and Pat Barry, Director, Technology Strategy, addressed the ways industry and government are working together to make this possible.

Specifically, they talked about the benefits of Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) systems for DISA. They also discussed the ways the agency is preparing for the future threat landscape and the role of automation in that future (and in the present). The group talked about teleworking and how to also secure those capabilities today and into the future. Finally, they discussed the transition to a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity and about leveraging a hybrid, multi-cloud architecture – securely.

As Jim Matney pointed out, “Our customers need to accomplish their mission – regardless. And it doesn’t matter what comes after regardless.” He went on to talk about resiliency and the ways GDIT works to ensure our customers have the necessary resilience to achieve their mission goals in a constantly evolving threat landscape. We do that, he said, by ensuring their current environment is secure and by planning for the future.

Related, Pat Barry noted that an agency’s ability to take advantage of various automation tools, for example, for cybersecurity purposes often depends on having the proper data strategy and policies in place. GDIT helps our partners by not only delivering the capability but also by having conversations about strategy and policy that make the capability more effective and the benefits more impactful.

It’s a holistic approach to cyber that keeps the mission and the outcomes at the center of the effort. It’s our pleasure to support DISA’s cybersecurity initiatives, applying our expertise to help the agency achieve its mission and more. To learn more about how we work in partnership with DISA, watch the televised episode here.