Innovation and Security for the Department of State

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GDIT leaders joined Government Matters in a recent “Agency in Motion: State” segment with the Department of State’s Jim Schwab, Director of the Office of Management Strategy and Solutions, to discuss how teams are supporting State in the current pandemic environment.

Nisa Moore, Vice President for Global Security Engineering and Supply Chain, and Melina Scotto, Chief Information Security Officer for Federal Civilian, discussed providing both cyber and physical security to the department and its supply chain and how our workforce has adapted to support State’s mission.

“We ship and procure millions of items that we’re sending out to every post, consulate and embassy worldwide, so we have a really unique perspective of workforce,” Moore commented in the segment. “In a time of the pandemic, GDIT and DS [Diplomatic Security] together in partnership continue to innovate, and we added innovation to our supply chain risk management.”

When asked what is most likely to stick three years out from the pandemic, Scotto noted the importance of hardening devices to increase security. “Getting a hardened image ready for whatever the future may bring is a way we can contribute positively for a more secure future,” Scotto said.

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