Managed Services within milCloud® 2.0: What It Is and Why It Matters

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Managed Services. It’s both a ubiquitous and a nebulous term. To some, it’s a catch-all phrase encompassing all of the services necessary to achieve technical success on a contract’s mission. To others, it’s an unfortunate (and incorrect) shorthand for outsourcing.

Within milCloud® 2.0, Managed Services refers to the full lifecycle of coordinated services offered to DoD mission partners, rather than individual siloed ones. These services are performed in-house and across multiple mission environments in order to deliver increased flexibility, versatility, and mission success.

As a whole, milCloud® 2.0 was designed with the warfighter in mind; that same thinking informs our performance-based approach to managed services. It’s a reflection of the way in which GDIT stands shoulder to shoulder with our mission partners, committed to and with ownership of the mission.

Said another way: We’ve built a managed service delivery model within milCloud® 2.0 that incorporates reliability and commitment – because we take the mission seriously, and we know that’s different than just taking the contract seriously.

The milCloud® 2.0 managed services lifecycle begins with an innovative design and procurement of infrastructures, which underpins the ability to meet budgets and timelines.

Next, we look at the ways we can build and operate these infrastructures reliably and in line with the mission and the customer’s requirements.

We also take into account servicing the infrastructure, streamlining costs (or providing cost recovery), and how we can provide value added services on top of the existing infrastructure – to include consulting, migration, and engineering services, to name a few.

The managed services lifecycle within milCloud® 2.0 also includes the flexibility to accommodate and quickly add specific mission or customer requirements that arise during the project, and, finally, the ability to continually evolve and improve the technologies that underpin our infrastructure.

GDIT has a unique ability to design and build managed service infrastructures that give our partners access to our cloud services expertise, tradecraft, and intellectual property at every step of the delivery lifecycle. When we talk about managed services within milCloud® 2.0, we mean the full spectrum of managed services that address multiple areas and customer needs.

By taking this holistic view, we can drive performance, speed, and cost efficiency for partners – because it matters, because the mission matters and the partners you choose matter too.

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