milCloud® 2.0 & AWS: Aligning the DoD Cloud Strategy Vision

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GDIT recently teamed up with Amazon Web Services as part of the Government Matters “Industry Insider” series, which brings together experts from across the government contracting and technology landscape to discuss some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities of the day.

Jim Matney, Vice President and General Manager for the DISA and Enterprise Services Sector at GDIT, joined David Levy, Vice President, U.S. Federal, Non-Profit and Non-Profit Healthcare for AWS to talk about how the new milCloud® 2.0 and AWS partnership provides both on-premise, fit-for-purpose cloud offerings, as well as off-premise, general purpose cloud offerings. This combination of choice and flexibility means DoD mission partners can accelerate cloud adoption, simplify acquisition and improve mission effectiveness through a single contract.

Matney emphasized that milCloud® 2.0 brings customers choice at the speed of relevance. “Mission partners have access to services – whether it’s the on-premise capability or AWS services – within 48 hours. So now you’re actually able to provide cloud services at the speed of relevance, and mission partners can leverage this capability to support their mission needs.”

For his part, Levy noted that AWS helps to give GDIT’s DoD mission partners an additional form of accelerated access to one of the most widely used cloud platforms at lower costs alongside greater security than they’d find anywhere else. “This collaboration is exciting because we can bring all of these commercial services to mission partners at an affordable price, and now with all of the security attributes [in one place] … and the big distinction is that mission partners can move really fast with GDIT. And we’re here to support them to do that.”

With the expansion of the milCloud® 2.0 contract via AWS GovCloud, there is a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services and the advantage of choice to best serve DoD mission partners missions mission. To learn more about milCloud® 2.0, visit

Check out the full Industry Insider session.