milCloud® 2.0 vs. General Purpose Clouds

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MilCloud 2.0 infographic

There’s so much to say about milCloud® 2.0, the cloud designed specifically for the warfighter. So, we’ve created a simple and easy “at-a-glance” guide that outlines how it stacks up against off-premise general purpose clouds, including how it delivers:

  • Faster acquisition times
  • Dozens of inherited security controls from the DoDIN, DISA’s iCAP, and more
  • A firm-fixed price model
  • And a true multi-tenancy IL5 services catalogue

Download the guide!

You can learn even more about how milCloud® 2.0 stacks up against off-premise general purpose clouds by visiting the milCloud® 2.0 site. Or, you can check out our issue briefs, podcasts and digital bootcamps (past and present) anytime.