On-Demand Webinar: milCloud® 2.0: Powering the Future of Cloud Storage

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GDIT recently hosted our third webinar as part of our Digital Bootcamp Series on our innovative milCloud® 2.0 platform – the cloud designed specifically for the warfighter. This session focused specifically on outcomes and accessibility, and how milCloud® 2.0 delivers on both.

Together, Eric McGrane of GDIT, Nick Psaki of Pure Storage and Paul Thuman of Cloudian talked about how, with milCloud® 2.0, users have access to data-centric architectures that support varying data volumes, velocities, varieties and veracities. The group also talked about how to use milCloud® 2.0 to accelerate application development, enable agility in hybrid cloud and DevOps environments, modernize data protection efforts, and more.

From the session:

“In a cloud environment, what the customer needs is the availability of all the primary, data, compute and networking services and the ability to compose them to meet their mission needs… milCloud® 2.0 gives customers the opportunity to simply leverage the infrastructure as a set of services without having to build or architect an in-house solution from scratch. It saves a tremendous amount of time and [brings the] focus on what’s really important which is delivering mission results, delivering operational capability and delivering continuity.”

For more great insights like this, be sure to watch the full session here – and be sure to register for our next webinar, which will focus on migrating to VMware on milCloud® 2.0.

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