milCloud® 2.0 Provides Actionable Information into the Hands of Warfighters - Today

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With the Department of Defense (DoD) mandate to accelerate cloud adoption, defense agencies are ready to transform their IT infrastructure. Yet, the acquisition and migration process is often daunting and time-consuming. By the time a solution is up and running, it is at least a technology generation behind.

GDIT has partnered with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) on milCloud® 2.0 to rapidly deliver cloud services to America’s warfighter community. milCloud® 2.0 connects cloud service offerings to DoD networks, providing DISA mission partners the latest cloud technology in as little as 48 hours from funding approval. Combining a self-service hosting environment with integrated engineering support and migration service bundles, milCloud® 2.0 provides a one-stop shop for all things cloud – from cloud readiness assessments and application rationalization, to the latest high-performance storage, compute, and networking cloud services.

In order to inform mission partners throughout the national capital region of milCloud® 2.0’s offerings, GDIT hosted a Bootcamp event on July 11 and will host another on September 24 at Fort Meade. The milCloud® 2.0 Bootcamp Series provides in-person answers and demonstrations to some of the most pressing questions around milCloud® 2.0 and its capabilities.

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