On-Demand Webinar: Migrating to VMware on milCloud® 2.0

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VMware & milCloud® 2.0: Accelerating Cloud Migrations for the Warfighter

In November, we hosted our final milCloud® 2.0 webinar of the year. This session focused on how GDIT is building a native, on-demand VMware environment within milCloud® 2.0 that is designed to accelerate cloud migrations for mission partners.

Joining us for the discussion were:

  • Bill Rowan, Vice President of Federal Sales for VMware’s U.S. Public Sector organization
  • Mansour Yusuf, Chief Cloud Architect for Dell Federal Systems
  • Brian Whitenight, Partner Accounts Director for milCloud® 2.0 at GDIT

This new integration will allow mission partners to leverage their existing VMware footprint in milCloud® 2.0. This will compliantly empower digital workspaces, modernize data centers, integrate clouds, transform security, and more. This easier, faster migration also comes with the security you need from milCloud® 2.0, with multiple security measures built in via the IL-5 approved environment and through Dell’s supply chain.

As MeriTalk noted in a post-event article, it will “facilitate cloud extensions like virtual desktops, disaster recovery functions that complement continuity of operations plans, migrations that can be application-specific or data center wide, and the build-out of next generation applications.”

We’re excited about this new integration and how it will continue to enable milCloud® 2.0 to effectively and efficiently support the warfighter in today’s constantly changing environment. Register to continue the VMware migration discussion in our part 2 webinar in 2021.

You can view the on-demand session by registering or read a recap of the session. You can also learn more about milCloud® 2.0 by visiting