image shows plane with trail flying
image shows plane with trail flying

Aviation 44 MIN Watch

The Connected Airspace of Tomorrow

December 8th, 2022


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With the largest and most diverse aviation system in the world, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) National Airspace System (NAS) is facing new challenges and vulnerabilities. In this dispatch from the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) Global event, hear from GDIT and FAA leaders as they dig deeper into strategies and solutions that pave the way for the NAS of the future.
The FAA is investing in emerging and new technologies in cybersecurity, cloud, and artificial intelligence to improve communications and modernize the NAS to keep up with the exponential rate of change.

New entrants into airspace from drones and commercial space are creating new demands, and opportunities, on the aviation system. From package delivery to agriculture services, “there’s an entirely new economy that the UAV, or the drone market, is just waiting for all the regulations and technologies to enable to happen,” says Mariano Alicea, Vice President for Aviation at GDIT.

Partnerships across the agency, industry, airlines, and Defense are enabling better data sharing. “Data is what fuels the modern enterprise,” says Ben Gianni, Senior Vice President and CTO at GDIT. “Whether you’re using a software factory or applying artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to that data, having instant access to the data using those tools is something we see is needed in industry, and we’re investing in those capabilities.”

Featured speakers include:

  • Mariano Alicea, Vice President, Aviation, GDIT
  • Mark DeNicuolo, Vice President, Program Management Organization, FAA
  • Ben Gianni, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, GDIT
  • Natesh Manikoth, Chief Data Officer, FAA