GDIT Tech Talks: Yogesh Khanna, GDIT CTO, shares what innovation means to him

“It’s all about disrupting yourself. It takes courage to do that, because human beings are sort of wired to stay on a steady course and certainly our industry rewards consistency and managing risk…implementing innovation in a portfolio sometimes involves taking those risks. It’s that fine balance we have to strike to disrupt ourselves in a very purposeful, deliberate, but pragmatic way.” - Yogesh Khanna, GDIT CTO

Introducing the first GDIT Tech Talk – these recorded chats will deliver insights into how GDIT’s 30,000 innovators bring the necessary expertise needed to understand and advance critical missions. We'll dive into technology topics including Cloud, Cyber, Artificial Intelligence and more with a focus on how these technologies can be taken to new heights within the federal space. Check back regularly for new GDIT Tech Talks.

Our first episode features Yogesh Khanna, our CTO, in conversation with John Grim, VP, Global Alliances, sharing what innovation means to him. We'd love to hear your feedback, contact us or message us on your favorite social media platform.

You can stream the epsiode below, or on your favorite podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple.