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Shared Services Builds a More Efficient NASA and Stronger Space Program

GDIT brought the right understanding of the mission and technology expertise to consolidate NASA’s human resources, procurement, finance, information technology and business services into one Shared Services Center. While there was familiarity and support for the shared services model internally, the agency had never embarked on this type of a project before.

Together, NASA and GDIT established the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The first service to transition was a travel function within finance, merging similar processes pursued at 10 different NASA centers into one process operated across the enterprise by the NSSC.

Just three years into the contract, the NSSC already had paid for itself. Moreover, NASA’s investment returned year-over-year improvements in cost savings and efficiencies. Incredibly, NASA is the only agency across the federal government to successfully consolidate three or more major lines of business into one shared service.

Today, our team of more than 500 professionals support more than 80,000 NASA engineers, contractors and university research partners. We deliver timely and accurate transaction-based support to HR, finance, procurement, IT and agency business services to NASA employees and industry partners.

In total, GDIT and NASA have consolidated more than 60 independent services for NASA while achieving high satisfaction rates and cost savings. We’re delivering advanced technology to drive efficiency in shared services transactions, implementing intelligent automation and robotic process automation (RPA) to reduce errors, standardize processes and enable the agency to dedicate more of their time and money to mission critical tasks.

Moving forward, GDIT is using the data and best practices learned from the project to further consolidate back-office operations and to identify new ways to improve processes, deliver savings and drive efficiency with emerging technologies. By helping NASA operate more efficiently, the agency can focus resources and expertise on their human spaceflight and exploration missions.

“For every dollar I save on how I pay bills or process travel vouchers or buy equipment, I put that back into things like facilities management or even the mission to Mars.”

Mark Glorioso
Former NSSC Director
as told to Washington Technology