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GDIT’s ICAM Solution Connecting the Joint Force

GDIT develops and builds solutions that address the need for security and speed – without tradeoffs. Our Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) solution does precisely that.

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Protecting our changing world.

The greatest resource we have is the world in which we live. GDIT’s technology, scientific expertise and mission solutions are driving environmental and climate change initiatives. For over 40 years, we have partnered with federal agencies to lead research and action in environmental initiatives protecting our changing world.

GDIT scientists, technologists and innovators are moving applications to the cloud, modeling massive data sets in high-performance computing environments and automating routine tasks. Our solutions support our nation’s scientific agencies to ensure the air, water, land and climate are protected now and for generations to come.

Spotlight | Digital Modernization

Managed Services: Powering Federal IT

In our newly released report, federal IT officials across Civilian and Defense agencies respond to the state of managed services in federal government and the journey to realizing benefits across their IT ecosystems

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Cortex Innovation Community

GDIT's Commitment to Innovation

We've opened a facility in the Cortex Innovation Community that further solidifies our commitment to the geospatial intelligence and St. Louis technology community. We are proud to partner with local companies, entrepreneurs, and academic institutions to grow and develop tech talent in the region, supporting our workforce as well as the broader St. Louis network. GDIT will use this versatile collaboration space to develop new software capabilities and solutions in high-performance computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning specifically to support the geospatial mission.