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5G, Partner Ecosystem 43 MIN Watch

5G Is Making Waves at Federal Agencies

December 6th, 2022


Recorded on: November 30th, 2022

Enterprise to the Edge: Agency Guide to 5G

| 42:48


See what agencies are prioritizing in 5G adoption.

A generation ago, Wi-Fi revolutionized workforce mobility. 4G gave birth to innovative applications such as Uber and FaceTime. And we know 5G — the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks — will bring disruption as well as significant opportunities for the public sector. We also know that moving forward, 5G will be augmented with Wi-Fi in specific use cases and fully replace 4G in others. In doing so, it will transform enterprises, so they are aligned for high-speed, high-performance compute demands, providing gigabit speeds at the point of need previously only available via ethernet and fiber.

In short, 5G enables the development of new, or enhancements of existing, tools that will improve user experience and mission outcomes.

How are federal agencies progressing with 5G adoption? GDIT’s Digital Consulting Practice partnered with Market Connections, an independent research firm, to learn where federal agencies are in their 5G adoption, the benefits and challenges they are facing, and the impact this has on the mission. The results of this survey yielded many key takeaways.

This report is an analysis of progress the federal government is making to implement and take advantage of 5G. As agencies begin and continue their 5G journey, this report is designed to highlight important considerations and potential challenges with adoption as 5G becomes mainstream. When will this be? Some argue that it already is. But the consensus of 69% of the federal IT decision makers surveyed for this report see 5G technology as very impactful or critical in helping their agency meet their mission objectives in the next 5 years.

In addition, this report shines a light on the significant progress that agencies have made with their 5G strategies and captures some of the benefits agencies are already seeing from 5G adoption. As federal agencies continue to adopt 5G and determine the use cases that will support their mission, this report is designed to help better inform their approach and further accelerate their efforts.

Be sure to Watch the video interview above I participated in with my colleagues from GDIT, Dell Technologies, and the Government Accountability Office to learn more.