Meet the 2018 GDIT Interns

General Dynamics IT is renowned for its ability to solve the biggest challenges facing our customers through the implementation of innovative technology and delivery of industry-leading IT services. But to effectively partner with government organizations and help them accomplish their missions, it’s essential to attract, recruit and retain some of the best talent currently in the workforce, and soon to be entering the workforce.

For this reason, GDIT offers a competitive internship program designed to foster the skills and abilities of the next generation of employees and public servants seeking to apply their skills in future careers in information technology , engineering, cyber security and other areas.

GDIT works aggressively to find the best and brightest young talent to join the internship program, and ensures that this talent not only gains important skills for the future, but is also compensated for the work they do on behalf of the company. All GDIT interns are paid and receive benefits ranging from discounted gym memberships to participation in the company’s 401K program, with matching contributions from the company.

The GDIT internship program is specifically structured to ensure that all participants gain:

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  • Work Experience – interns actively contribute to the business team's mission, doing work that is meaningful and developing important skills.
  • Mentoring – GDIT team leaders and team members commit to mentoring interns throughout their time in the program to ensure they receive real responsibilities and meaningful experiences that position them to make important career choices.
  • Community Service – GDIT interns experience they company’s passion and commitment to improving the community first-hand by participating in one of our summer volunteer opportunities sponsored by the company.
  • Networking – GDIT interns are provided with numerous opportunities to network with many different employees, including the company’s Vice Presidents and CEO.

Here is a look at the GDIT internship experience in the words of some very exciting and talented young people - the company’s new class of interns:


My name is Shad, and I’m a Technical Services Intern here at GDIT. I’m a junior studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park (GO TERPS!). Here are some fun facts about me:

I’m a Resident Assistant at my university.
I love everything about basketball, whether it’s playing, watching, or coaching.
I enjoy trying new foods from different cultures and tastes.
For my first internship, the real-world experience and knowledge I’ve gained has been invaluable. I enjoy learning about GDIT through the speaker series and tech talks, as they help me learn more about our field of work and how we operate.

I really enjoy working and interacting with my manager, supervisor, and my team of 9 interns, as we have spent the summer tackling engaging projects that will positively impact our company. It’s been great working with my team. Our diverse backgrounds and expertise have played a successful part in our contributions to the projects, and using Skype and the Agile Methodology have assisted us in collaborating and planning out our tasks.

I’ve had so many unique learning opportunities at my internship here at GDIT that I appreciate. In fact, next week, my team in Falls Church will be going down to Bossier City, LA to work at the Integrated Technology Center with the 3 Louisiana interns on our team!


My name is Sharmin. My hometown is Springfield, VA. I am a rising senior at George Mason University, majoring in Information Systems Operations Management with a minor in Business Analytics. One fun about me is that I am the VP of membership of the oldest and largest professional co-ed business fraternity focused on professional development---Alpha Kappa Psi.

When I got my offer letter this summer from GDIT to work as a functional application tester intern, I was absolutely thrilled! I love that they put emphasis on communication that not only identifies problems faster but in a collaborative and agile way. Furthermore, I was excited to work for a company that has a goal of ensuring alignment across the entire organization.

This summer, I am looking forward to getting hands-on and technical experience while working under the IT Business Solutions group, specifically the Business Process Management group at the Fairfax Headquarters. I am excited for the opportunity to really hone down applicable skills while being assigned to various projects which will not only allow me to add value to the company but prepare me for my future career path.

I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know my fellow intern class at headquarters and am super pleased with how close I got with them in just a short amount of time. Furthermore, I look forward to continuing to network with other business professionals and other interns this summer!


My name is Alex and I am a rising junior at Stevenson University (Owings Mills, MD). This summer, I am looking forward to applying the skills and work ethic that I’ve learned in school to an accomplished work environment. GDIT is a very impressive company and I am looking forward to meeting, learning from, and working with some of their leaders.

The best part of this internship so far has been the support and encouragement I have received my first week here. My manager, mentor, and co-workers provide the confidence and training I need to be successful, and I have already learned a lot from them. Plus, at my location, food trucks come for lunch once a week! I am looking forward to the rest of the summer.


My favorite part of being an intern here at GDIT is the balance of how closely we are working with our managers. They’re not breathing down your necks, or neglecting you. They give you space while at the same time checking up on you and keeping you busy with actual day to day work. You know for sure that they care about you.

I actually get excited to come to work every day. Is that weird? Everyone is also very approachable and wants you to come and talk to them. It’s actually a lot of fun coming in and hanging with your manager and your co-workers. You are learning real work here not just textbook stuff.

I am currently not working on real time proposals right now, but I am practicing with old proposals so I can eventually soon help with the real proposals. It’s a lot of information, but it’s exciting to do things that I will eventually do in the future while at the same time know I am about to help my team!

I actually live like 15 minutes away from work so it’s a blessing that the commute here and home is not bad at all. The area actually has a lot of good food places, so Northern Virginia is always buzzing with good food, you can’t go wrong. Trust me I love food.


I am a second year graduate student at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University. I am pursuing a master’s degree in Public Service and Administration with a concentration in security policy and management.

This summer I am looking forward to getting hands-on experience in the security field while applying what I have learned in the classroom. I am also looking forward to working on a diverse set of projects with different people across the company.

What I like most about the internship thus far, is that it isn’t just an internship—it’s an internship program. The opportunities GDIT have given us already (along with what is planned for the rest of the summer) to develop our professional skills, get to know one another, serve the community, be mentored, and step outside of our comfort zone are invaluable experiences that make this a great internship.

I also love my team! Coming to work every day is great when you have an incredible team to serve with! I am looking forward to a great summer.

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