We Marvel at these Avengers - Interns Deliver Tangible Tech Innovations

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Our Incredible Intern Team Delivered Tangible Innovations for our Customers

Summer internships are a critical part of professional development for thousands of college students every year. This year, of course, the global coronavirus pandemic reshaped the intern experience altogether.

Facing challenges is not new for GDIT, so we adapted our traditional intern program and went virtual. As part of larger internship program, we identified 24 high-potential interns, dubbed “The Avengers,” to participate in a workshop program that allowed them to work externally and internally across the business, and alongside GDIT team members who were also working remotely.

The Avengers Workshop program was led by Todd Isaacs, Director of Innovation, in our Intelligence and Homeland Security Division. Interns were paired with mentors and selected to work on either internal GDIT or customer supporting projects.

The interns working on external projects, about two-thirds of the group, were deployed across various contracts at GDIT. The internal-focused interns worked on developing prototypes of “contract-adjacent” innovations that could deliver low-cost, mission-focused solutions to customers.

These internal projects included:

  • Demonstrating the fusion of robotic process automation (RPA) and visualization technologies to collect and present a business intelligence dashboard
  • Building an application using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and biometrics technology to combat external and insider threats
  • Automating the generation of a compliance matrix for discrepancies between documents

The entire Avengers group also completed online trainings and watched demos of critical software development or project management tools like UIPath, Tableau, Alteryx and Microsoft Teams, to name a few.

At the completion of their internships, the Avengers also participated in an Innovation Expo "Open House" to showcase their work and to talk about their experience at GDIT. Overall, the Avengers say the program met its goals of cultivating independence, initiative and innovation. Here’s what a few of them had to say, in their own words:


Thank you for all of your contributions, Avengers!

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