milCloud® 2.0 Continues to Deliver on Its Secure, Easy to Use and Affordable Value Proposition

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Releases the First-Ever Native DoD on-premise VMWare Infrastructure as a Service Cloud At FedRAMP High Impact Level 5

GDIT today announced that milCloud® 2.0, the cloud designed specifically for the warfighter, now offers the first-ever Department of Defense (DoD) on-prem native VMware IaaS cloud at FedRAMP High Impact Level 5.

“We created milCloud® 2.0 to be secure, easy to use and affordable,” Brian Whitenight, milCloud® 2.0 Partner Director, said. “Enhancements like this make those attributes truer than ever. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this to the warfighter user community.”

With today’s announcement, milCloud® 2.0 will begin offering a new family of on-demand virtual machines standardized on Intel Cascade Lake processors with VMware licensing built-in. This allows mission partners to leverage their large investments in VMware in a native and simpler way, dramatically accelerating migration, time to value, and reducing workload refactoring.

Teams can use this affordable, on-demand, multi-tenant, pay-as-you-go Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering for as little a few hundred dollars with one virtual machine. This is a next-gen IaaS cloud service with two virtual machine performance types and hundreds of sizing options.

Other features include:
- An intuitive user interface with a native VMware experience through vCloud Director
- Advanced virtualized network security and scalability with macro and micro segmentation
- Enhanced Security with multi-factor authentication protocols, going far beyond the physical security of gates, guards, and guns
- More granular DR and COOP capabilities adapting to variable mission requirements
- Knowledgebase documents, cross vendor migration plans, white glove consulting services and technical support

This new milCloud® 2.0 enhancement is especially important, considering that the DoD currently relies on VMware to accomplish its missions, and more than 90 percent of its virtualized servers run on VMware. This solution will allow mission partners to seamlessly migrate their on-prem vSphere-based workloads to the leading cloud solution on its own network or operate a hybrid cloud model at lower costs. VMware on milCloud® 2.0 is a critical element of accelerating the DoD’s 3 pillar cloud strategy from the milCloud® 2.0 perspective, allowing the Department to meet its objective to deliver a DoD Enterprise Cloud Environment and to leverage commercial innovation.

To learn more and for a preview of the new VMware IaaS on milCloud® 2.0, watch our on-demand webinar from November 2020, or register for our upcoming webinar in March here.