milCloud® 2.0 Bootcamps Go Virtual

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This month, along with our partners at DISA, GDIT hosted the first-ever milCloud® 2.0 Virtual Bootcamp Event. This action-packed event highlighted how milCloud® 2.0 is bringing transformative change to missions, and included sessions that:

  • Provided an overview of milCloud® 2.0’s newest technologies and capabilities. Opening the event, Rory Kinney, Services Executive at the DISA Operations Center, talked about the platform’s balance between on-prem and cloud, and about how it fits inside the DoD digital transformation strategy. “Everything that [we] do to try to improve the delivery of data to warfighters … milCloud® 2.0 has a key role in that,” he said.

  • Drilled down into milCloud® 2.0’s data centric architecture and how it enables DoD mission partners to accelerate cloud adoption, improve data management, and consume services from the data center to the tactical edge.

  • Outlined milCloud® 2.0’s cloud services portfolio and unique acquisition, pricing, and delivery model, and how mission partners overcame the challenges that come with moving to the cloud. This includes the complexities and cost implications of moving workloads into on-premise and public cloud infrastructures.

  • Discussed milCloud® 2.0 use cases from DoD mission partners in support of the warfighter. These organizations were able to engineer a seamless migration and onboarding experience, working with GDIT to develop a solution that enabled these agencies to meet their missions. Didn’t get to join us live? We’ve got you covered.

    [Watch the full session on-demand.](