5G, Digital Modernization 38 MIN Listen

Modern CTO Podcast: How 5G Enables Innovation at the Edge

July 12th, 2022


Modern CTO with Joel Beasley

Rob Smallwood, GDIT VP of Digital Modernization, joined the modernCTO podcast to discuss how 5G is enabling innovation at the edge to support critical government missions, from defense to health to emergency response. He also discusses how he got started, his love for technology, and the ways to make remote team collaboration work better.

Listen to the full podcast to hear more about how GDIT has been proactive with customers on the value of 5G, how to develop talent to meet modernization goals, and how to bring curiosity and humility to senior roles.

If you can build intelligence into the application that’s running at the edge, it greatly improves what you’re trying to accomplish [for the mission].

Rob Smallwood

Vice President, Digital Modernization