aerial view of two people walking through airport
aerial view of two people walking through airport

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Modernizing Government Approaches to Global Citizen Services

June 13th, 2022


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A highly specialized team at GDIT is facilitating a new kind of cross-border travel that benefits consumers, businesses, and governments alike. Importantly, our team is also modernizing the way governments around the world approach Global Citizen Services (GCS), bringing together our ability to scale and to deliver modern technological capabilities in secure environments combined with decades of expertise in cross-border travel.

Here's why that matters:

The travel experience for governments and travelers alike is changing.

Travelers expect travel experiences that are not unlike the ones they experience as consumers. Contactless and mobile options, applications that are easy to use, efficiency without sacrificing security – these are all things that a partner with the right technical expertise and government experience can deliver. The work we do at GDIT enables dramatic leaps in quality and the overall experience and increases both efficiency and security at the same time.

With our experience performing GCS work for more than 20 years and operating in 50 countries globally, we recognize the role that governments and their support partners have in evolving next-generation GCS. We help our government clients assess and understand consumer demand and how, following the Covid-19 pandemic, “security” now encompasses public health. There are also new information-sharing requirements and the resulting data security considerations associated with handling the sensitive personal health information of travelers. We understand this space and partner with customers to create, implement and support effective and efficient GCS programs.

A holistic approach ensures and accelerates the transformation of the travel experience.

With decades of experience supporting governments and travelers, GDIT takes a holistic approach to GCS. We are able to deliver innovative solutions that drive seamless journeys, while maximizing both national and individual security – because we understand the unique and evolving requirements involved in supporting both governments and travelers.

Our solutions are driven by these insights, and we integrate cultural and process changes at the same time. As a large-scale tech integrator, we empower customers with solutions that use modern, digital platforms.

  • Automation
  • Remote, self-service and contactless services
  • Biometrics
  • Identity management
  • Governance models specific to individual countries
  • Security and data protection

We also know that modernization is not simply about technology. It is not about the latest singular tool or innovation. It’s about the whole experience – from all perspectives – whether that’s travelers seeking a seamless journey or governments seeking an ideal balance of highly efficient, while fully secure cross border transit. Additionally, modernizing travel involves adopting a mindset that encompasses the full spectrum of requirements and expectations – for the present and for the future.

An ever-more seamless journey for travelers and for governments is the goal.

GDIT not only understands the current needs and expectations of the traveling public and the governments we support, but we also anticipate the future – from needs and expectations to the possibilities and potential.

Our processes make travel easy and convenient for the traveler, while ensuring security and transparency to the government client. We use advanced analytics to predict demand, enable efficiencies and measure success through each and every step of our process. GDIT clients receive a wealth of information and highly secure and efficient processes; and travelers experience an easy, seamless journey.

To be certain, change doesn’t happen overnight. It requires deliberate planning around everything from business processes, technological infusion, integration of legacy and new systems and more.

GDIT supports it all. We work with all parties involved to ensure we understand and address their requirements now and how they might change over time throughout the modernization experience. We look forward to continuing to advance new GCS solutions and approaches, in partnership with customers and for the benefit of individual travelers and governments alike.