On-Demand Webinar: Migrating to VMware on milCloud® 2.0 Part 2

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On March 11, GDIT was pleased to unveil the second edition of our webinar series on migrating to VMware on milCloud® 2.0.

In this session, now available to watch on-demand, we took a deeper dive into the latest technologies within milCloud® 2.0, discussing the native, on-demand VMware environment and how it is helping mission partners accelerate their cloud migrations at record speeds.

During the webinar, GDIT’s partner director of milCloud® 2.0 Brian Whitenight talked about how the VMware integration meets three key value tenets: security, ease of use, and affordability. While cloud services have been tough for DoD to take advantage of due to concerns about security, the requirement to refactor workloads and reference architectures, and the perils of acquisition processes, Whitenight said “the integration of VMware into milCloud® 2.0 brings all of those pieces together, making them much easier to overcome.”

Whitenight went on to detail how, on the security front, the milCloud® 2.0 infrastructure operates within the DoD Information Network (DoDIN) physical facilities and network boundaries. It’s also FedRAMP High Impact Level 5 certified. He went on to note that milCloud® 2.0 is pre-competed and pre-approved – meaning a mission partner can use a credit card to procure cloud service in as little as 48 hours. Pretty incredible.

The session also covered the underlying benefits of this new offering and its application connections; tactical use cases and product demonstrations; as well as the latest technology features that mission partner are using to meet their mission-critical needs.

View the free, on-demand webinar.

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