Kristie Grinnell and Melissa Arnot Reid at Women + Technology 2021
Kristie Grinnell and Melissa Arnot Reid at Women + Technology 2021

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Women + Technology 2021: We Moved Mountains!

November 8th, 2021


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Last week, GDIT hosted its annual Women + Technology event. This year’s event, again held virtually, had “Moving Mountains” as its theme, and focused on the ways that the continuing pandemic-related challenges are disproportionately affecting women – which absolutely reinforces the importance of empowerment, resiliency, and elevating others.

Didn’t get to attend? Here’s what you missed:

A Keynote Conversation with Six-Time Everest Summiteer Melissa Arnot

This engaging and enlightening discussion between Ms. Arnot and GDIT’s Vice President, Global CIO and Chief Supply Chain Officer Kristie Grinnell focused on the ways women are constantly climbing mountains to reach their full potential. They touched on everything from how women strive to prove their self-worth to performing under pressure to being unafraid to fail. Together, they highlighted the common challenges women face and the importance of having the right “climbers” alongside us on our mountains.

A Fireside Chat with GDIT President Amy Gilliland and Managing Partner and Chairman of Boyden World Corporation, Craig Stevens

As millions of Americans reevaluate their careers and explore new opportunities, and as many women decide to leave the workforce altogether, this chat was centered on the importance of culture in the workplace. Together, Amy and Mr. Boyden discussed the impact of this time of “reassessment” for employees and shared their own perspectives about the future of the workforce and how to win the war on talent. In particular, Amy discussed the importance of open communication and its role in helping pivot to a new position, request flexible work arrangements or even finding mental health support in the workplace.

Women + Technology 2021 - Amy Gilliland and Craig Stevens Fireside Chat

| 26:45

Career Advice from Mike Thibault, Head Coach of the Washington Mystics

GDIT Business Area Vice President Nisa Moore talked with the legendary coach about leadership, resiliency, and reflection in a time of immense change. They talked about Diversity and Inclusion and the important and necessary conversations that are taking place as a result; about allyship and its role in Mike’s move from the NBA to the WNBA; and the pandemic’s role as an accelerator of change.

Women + Technology 2021 - Resetting Perspectives with Mike Thibault

| 31:53