Cranes on a port with containers on land
Cranes on a port with containers on land

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Reducing risk at every step.

At GDIT, we consider supply chain risk management to be a foundational element in the selection of our suppliers and partners. Rapid Ratings and Risk Methods are important tools in our ability to identify, assess and mitigate risks for both GDIT and our supply base.

Alex McGuire

GDIT Deputy Chief Supply Chain Officer

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A SaaS technology company, RapidRatings provides transparency and actionable insights into the financial resiliency of third-party vendors, suppliers, and counterparties using their purely quantitative, predictive Financial Health Rating (FHR).*

.*GDIT encourages all our suppliers to join the FHR Network, a secure confidential, trilateral arrangement to enable GDIT to obtain FHR ratings and suppliers to leverage the power of the FHR to win business from GDIT and other clients.

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Utilizing AI to proactively detect and mitigate supply-chain risk, riskmethods is a software company for monitoring supply networks in real time. Whether risks involve natural disasters, geopolitical or key leadership changes, or supplier acquisitions, riskmethods provides the data that strengthen supply networks’ health.