Jack Twomey
Jack Twomey

Software Developer Associate


As a computer science major at James Madison University, Jack Twomey had an interest in cybersecurity, software development, and the government contracting space. Through an on-campus program, he was introduced to GDIT and the company’s Emerging Talent Clearance Program. He started as an intern and transitioned into a full-time position after graduation.

As a software developer, you have a lot of opportunities to go into the commercial space, or you can go to the government space. GDIT’s mission aligns with my interest in protecting the nation.

Solving unique technical problems. My team owns it.

As a software developer, a lot of my work includes meeting with my colleagues to talk about finding solutions for technical problems. I spend a lot of time integrating these solutions into our platform.

It is awesome to see the work that I do in software development go towards the customers’ mission. Solving problems that you were working on with your colleagues, then seeing the solutions working for the customer, is the coolest part of what I do.

My work is the perfect combination of three areas—cybersecurity, software development, and the government contracting space—that I became interested in as a computer science major at James Madison University. I found GDIT in my sophomore year through a program on my campus.

Growing from intern to employee

GDIT helped me receive my security clearance while I was still a college intern at the company. The Emerging Talent Clearance Program at GDIT helps students throughout the clearance application process, answering any questions along the way. Because I was able to receive this clearance before graduation, I was able to start full time on a contract—that requires a clearance—after graduating.

From my time as an intern through my full-time work, GDIT has given me a lot of opportunities to grow. I’ve had access to training through myLMS where I have been able to learn cutting edge technologies to help advance my career. I took training courses in AWS Cloud, after which I was able to take a certification exam—which I passed! I am now certified in AWS Cloud technologies.

In addition to the courses and certifications I’ve had access to through GDIT, I have had some great managers and access to mentors. These mentors have taken me under their wing and shared their experiences with me, and I appreciate hearing their perspectives, having worked for the company a lot longer than I have.

Internal mobility at GDIT

The emphasis on internal mobility is something that I feel is unique to GDIT. The company focuses on asking employees how they are doing and what GDIT can do to make their current position or role better, even if that includes switching to a different contract or role. This was something that attracted me to the company, as I look forward to gaining experience in different areas across our divisions and platforms.

I attended an internal mobility event recently where I was able to talk to program managers to learn about what they do. It was great to get exposure to other areas and fields I may pursue in the future with GDIT.