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overhead of green landscape

How are you, really?

A message from Amy Gilliland.

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I Am Okay

Hey, we haven't talked in a while. How are you?

I'm content with my life right now. I take good care of myself, have healthy relationships with family and/or friends and have things that I'm looking forward to.

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Think I'm okay but maybe not

Seems like you haven't been yourself lately. What's up?

I have days where I feel completely unmotivated or unfocused. Then there are other days where I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy.

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I am not okay most of the time.

I noticed you've been down. What's going on?

I can't seem to shake the feeling of sadness. Small things are having a larger impact on my mood than they used to and I've lost interest in things I used to enjoy.

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I am not okay.

Is there anything you want to talk about?

I'm experiencing feelings of hopelessness and I think that things would be better if I weren't here.

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When work and life become unbalanced, you have choices. Seeking support from the many resources GDIT offers through our How Are You, Really? pages can help. Need more options?

Have you considered:

Talking to your manager about your workload, reprioritizing, changing deadlines or getting a co-worker to help with a project

Taking meaningful paid time off to rebalance, unplug and recharge

Flexing your hours so you have more time to juggle demands

Taking a leave of absence – Family Medical Leave, medical or personal leave

Reducing your hours, even temporarily to get through a demanding time

Changing your role to a position that may be less demanding

Whatever your challenges, GDIT is here to support you. Talk with your manager or your HR business partner. Let’s find a solution together!

Our critical government missions depend on the readiness of cleared talent. Unfortunately, there is misinformation surrounding mental health support within the intelligence community that often discourages members to seek help when they need it. In reality, seeking mental health support is a critical pillar of resiliency and is viewed favorably within the intelligence community. Additionally, getting treatment and counseling for mental health concerns is not a sufficient reason to be denied a security clearance and it is extremely rare to have a clearance negatively impacted by seeking mental health support (<1%).

Below are resources available for cleared professionals to help with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.