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GDIT’s ICAM Solution Helps Customers Build Their Zero Trust Foundations

December 13th, 2021


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Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) solutions are becoming more important than ever. As data volumes grow and as information-sharing technologies become more complex, keeping sensitive and critical information secure is both a challenge and an imperative for agencies.

For the Department of Defense in particular, ICAM is its premier access management solution. GDIT is currently developing a DoD-wide ICAM capability that leverages advanced user authentication capabilities and builds on DoD's existing security architecture and will enable the department to capitalize on forthcoming advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Jim Matney, GDIT’s Vice President and General Manager for our DISA and Enterprise Services Sector recently joined customers from DISA and the U.S. Air Force to speak with Government Matters about our ICAM capability and how it enables Zero Trust because of the way it strictly limits access within a network.

“We don’t support the warfighter alone,” he said. “The solution has to be federated across enterprise, with a single, individual user identity that can be used across the enterprise to validate the user and what resources and applications they have access to.”

ICAM, because it allows for automation and creates a federated network to break down silos, can also enable Joint All-Demand Command and Control (JADC2) by providing a single, integrated tactical network and a common data fabric that will underpin a Zero Trust architecture.

Matney continued, “JADC2 is a warfighting concept that calls for a single, integrated tactical network that brings together data from all the enterprises so that it can support decision-making at the speed of relevance. To do it, you need to have that common data fabric. ICAM and the relationship to Zero Trust is that it enables that federation so that you can access that fabric and support JADC2.”

GDIT Discusses ICAM with DISA and Air Force

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