Better data to drive better decisions.

Maintaining current facts and figures about our Nation’s population can be a challenge. We understand the importance of making sure everyone counts.

We develop world-class data services and solutions that drive better business outcomes. From leading the implementation of cloud data lakes across multiple federal agencies, to using machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and artificial intelligence to better utilize and manage your data.

years at Census
professionals committed to the mission
cloud certified engineers and architects
portfolio of federal data center / multi-cloud services


Meeting customer needs together.

At GDIT, small and diverse businesses serve a critical role in helping us solve our most difficult challenges. GDIT is committed to utilizing these partners and has an extensive small business program to identify quality suppliers.

Data Analytics

Our well-versed Data Scientist build and deploy data science solutions across many cloud platforms – and help our clients move from traditional tooling to Cloud-Native and Open-Source approached. Our advanced tools facilitate the management of big data challenges, bringing strategic insights for successful outcomes.


We’re accelerating in the federal marketplace providing enterprise-level cloud solution and implementation services. We support multiple federal agencies with over 50+ concurrent cloud projects across the federal government implementing secure orchestration stacks, migrating workloads, and creating DevSecOps environments and next generation lakehouses.

Cyber Security

Delivering resilient cyber solutions that offer protection today, while outthinking the threats of tomorrow. GDIT provides a structured process for managing security and privacy risk. Our process focuses on addressing emerging policy, regulation, security, and privacy requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

GDIT’s technologists are dedicated to advancing the agency mission capabilities with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Create economical, cloud-native data architectures and solutions that govern and share large volumes of distributed data across an agency to turn data into actionable insights.

Digital Modernization

At GDIT, we never stop delivering. From IT infrastructure and data centers to networks and applications, our digital modernization solutions improve federal agencies experience and deliver cost savings and efficiencies.

Application Services

We deliver the software solutions that put client needs first. Human-centered. Mission-focused. GDIT offers solution elements that are critical for successful application modernization, migration, and sustainment. We emphasize improving developer experience to increase productivity, accelerate value delivery, improve product quality, and ultimately drive organizational performance and agility.